Online User Manual:  R5000-HD DVR


The R5000-HD is a PC-based High-Definition Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It works with your modified satellite Set Top Box (STB) to encapsulate the recovered MPEG2 data into fully ISO-13818 compliant transport streams. Connection is provided via standard USB 2.0 and it is currently designed to record streams as files on a hard drive or pushed out directly to D-VHS tape. Popular third-party tools such as HDTVtoMPEG2 or our own TSCutter utility can be used to easily edit streams created with the R5000-HD. Disk-based recordings can be pushed to D-VHS tape using the Disk2Tape utility. A built-in Media Player allows live preview of the incoming satellite program and can also playback most media file types as well as D-VHS tapes. 

Included as part of the R5000-HD package is a PVR helper which provides an easy way to schedule multiple events. This process is further automated through the PVRs association with various on-line Electronic Program Guides (TitanTV and Zap2it). Simply clicking on the "REC" icon/links of the program guide automatically loads all program data into the PVR and sets the timer. Many advanced options are programmable at the event level: destination folder, tuner device selection, media type (tape, disk or both) and re-occurring event status. the PVR can also be setup to communicate over a network in either client or server mode giving the user the ability to add, change and delete events remotely. TitanTV users can schedule programs remotely from anywhere Internet access is available (free TitanTV account required).

The R5000-HD is compatible with STBs from DirecTV, Echostar (Dish), Bell ExpressVu and the HDD200 for "C-band" (4DTV and StarChoice).