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The MCE version of the R5000-HD DVR supports the Windows® Media Center Edition (XP and Vista 32). In addition to the special version of the DVR app, a set of drivers is installed providing a fully integrated Media Center tuner. The new software impersonates an NTSC tuner/capture device whereby the R5000-HD device is installed as a connection to the imaginary S-VHS or composite input. Now, full advantage can be taken of the integrated guide and scheduling features of Media Center while still producing the same high-quality HD (and SD) streams.

Client-Server architecture - The nature of the MCE version design allows for the R5000-HD capture device to reside on a different PC than the actual Media Center. The "remote" PC does not have to be running the Media Center Edition OS. In this mode, the R5000-HD connected PC runs the DVR app in the "server" mode while the client runs on the MCE machine.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) - Media Center recordings are contained in the "dvr-ms" format, which may add copy protection to the stream. This is beyond the control of the R5000-HD software. However, the DVR application provides the option to simultaneously record the same transport stream files that it has always produced. This gives the user the flexibility to conveniently make and playback recordings within the Media Center shell and still have files for permanent archiving that can be shared amongst other devices.

Software: A PC running Windows® XP or Vista (32-bit versions only) Media Center Edition is required. Microsoft .NET Framework (version 3.0 or greater) must be installed. It is part of the various service packs and can be downloaded and installed separately: Version 2.0   Version 3.5  (may have to install incrementally).

Hardware: The MCE remote/blaster is required (this is often shipped as part of the MCE package*). Although not used to control the R5000-HD receiver, the blaster is required to be in place to satisfy the MCE set top box setup. The hardware requirements for the R5000-HD are the same as those outlined here.

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