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D-VHS: The R5000-HD now provides the capability to record directly to D-VHS tape. Your PC must have an IEEE1394 (Firewire) port and DirectX 9.0 or greater installed. Does not use the Microsoft provided source packet filter -why? The Preferences panel now gives the option to record to Disk only, Tape only, or both. Download the current version now.

Dish Network (Echostar): The R5000-HD is compatible with the Dish 6000 (now obsolete) and the new Dish 411/ViP 211and ViP 622/722 DVR*. Note: 'K' suffix models are not supported, for example, the ViP 211K. Records all SD (Standard Definition) and HD channels, including PPV. MPEG-4 (H.264) content can be captured from the new models. Certain PPV events may not be compatible with automatic recording using the PVR. These events may need to be manually launched after the necessary confirmation sequence is entered into the receiver. *Can only record live content from the 622/722 DVRs. Cannot extract programs already stored on internal drive.

The Dish ViP211

DirecTV: It is possible to record all SD and HD MPEG-2 channels available on DirecTV. Previously the capability was limited to only HD material. Certain "legacy" receiver models can be modified with the R5000-HD. See the model chart here. Although these receivers may still be supported by DirecTV, they are not capable of receiving the new MPEG-4 channels (It is not possible to modify the newer MPEG-4 receivers, e.g. H20 series).

DirecTV models: RCA DCT100 and Huges E8/E86


ExpressVu: The R5000-HD can record all SD and HD programming available on Bell ExpressVu service (including PPV). The Bell 6000 (being phased out) and the 9242 DVR are available for modification.

Voom: The Voom service is now defunct.

C-Band (Big Dish): This offers the highest quality HD images available. Most channels are broadcast in the original resolution and as originally encoded at their source (no recompression). The R5000-HD modification is performed on either the Motorola HDD-200/1000 outboard decoder boxes or the 4DTV receiver itself. In either case, all HD and SD channels can be captured. Compatible receiver models include the Motorola/GI 905/920 & 922 series and StarChoice DSR series. When installed in the HDD-200 outboard decoder, the R5000-HD PVR controls the receiver via an IR blaster which connects via a jack installed on the HDD-200. Satellite code and channel information is sent. A programmable wait time for dish repositioning is provided.

Cable: Recording from cable sources is supported on certain systems that use Motorola set top boxes (most Comcast, Charter, and Verizon FIOS). These must be non-5C enabled units (e.g. Motorola DTC2000 series or other models without a Firewire port). Many of these boxes were designed to work with the Motorola HDD-200 external decoder (see above). However, this setup is not recommended since the high-speed port usually has to be activated by the provider first and was designed only as an interim HD solution. More about cable.


StarChoice: Added to our line-up (along with Motorola cable) is the ability to modify any of the Motorola DSR series receivers used by the StarChoice service. All SD and HD channels including PPV can be captured. These receivers are able to except an upgrade (encoder slot) making them MPEG-4 capable. The R5000-HD modification is expected to be fully capable of capturing the MPEG-4 broadcasts once they begin.
The high-end Motorola DSR500HD used by StarChoice


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