Privacy Policy
Any information submitted via this website will be used solely by Nextcom, LLC (or its designated sub-contractors) for its intended purpose only and will not be shared with or sold to any third parties for sales, marketing or any other purposes without the consent of the originator. Nextcom may use personal information gathered to inform customers or potential customers of new product announcements, revisions, software updates, etc., but will immediately end any communications at their request.

Shipping and Returns

We target a maximum turn-around time of 5 days. Typically orders are shipped out 1-2 days from the time we receive the unit(s) at our location. Return shipping via UPS and USPS, rates calculated based on actual weight. Canadian customers: orders are shipped back via USPS only. When sending us your receiver, please specify that it is being sent in for service/repair and is not part of a sale.

Cancellations & Returns: Buyer may cancel order at anytime before we perform the work on their unit(s). Receivers already at our location will be subject to return shipping charges. Refunds are available up to 30 days and only if we absolutely cannot make the modification perform as advertised. Returns are accepted on pre-modified receivers that have not been activated. Unless otherwise specified, new receivers are covered by a manufacturer's warranty which is handled by your service provider (not the responsibility of Nextcom, LLC). If a receiver needs to be replaced under warrantee, we will charge a fee to swap the modification into the replacement unit.

All returns are subject to the following restocking fees: DIY kits -10%. Nextcom modified units - $100 non-refundable installation/removal fee.

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