Online User Manual:  "TSCutter" Utility

TSCutter is a basic transport stream editing utility that processes blocks and cuts at the closest packet boundary (188 bytes). It does not cut on GOP or audio packet boundaries. To be used only with ISO 13818-1compliant MPEG2 transport stream files. It is not intended as a general purpose file cutter.

The source and destination files are specified from the respective edit box or "file open" dialogs (browse button). The extracted segment can be defined either by start and stop times or filesize. In the case of the latter, a block of the specified size is extracted starting at the beginning of the file. The "Stop/Duration" checkbox is used to toggle how the end time is handled --either absolute or as an offset from the start time.

Once the extracted section has been defined and input/output files selected, the "extract" button starts the process. A progress meter and status message box show how the extraction is progressing and display errors or problems with the extraction.

The "Stream mux rate" displays the transport stream rate. If this cannot be properly determined then TSCutter most likely cannot properly synchronize on the stream and any specified start and stop times will not be properly interpreted. This error will be flagged when the the file is opened.